Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center, FSX

The John F. Kennedy Space Center Map located at Merritt Island, Florida, USA, is a NASA space shuttle launch and landing facility.

The NASA Shuttle Landing Facility (KTTS) has a 15000 ft long runway. The area just to the east contains the Vehicle Assembly Building and a couple of launching pads, one with a space shuttle prepared for launch.

Also see the space shuttle at Edwards AFB.


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FSX Staff is verry good at detail
You should make this launch pad a aircraft on FS11!

yea in FSX 11 try and make so that we are able to lunch this and control it like an aircraft :D

Yeah, when is there gonna be a FS11 ?
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theres an fsx11 coming out????

the facility is pretty sweet!
very cool,how can i get date station..?and the space ship...?
FSX is planned for around late 2010, early 2011!
If you want to fly the Space Shuttle check out the free space flight simulator "Orbiter". Can't give the URL here, but just google for it.
i wish that at a specail time it would take off...is there!
yeah fsx rocks. I have accleration pack. i always wanted to see the shuttle platform!!!!! but ummm where is it? you didnt tell me. pudding rocks! bye
I can see launches from my backyard. When I heard the sonic boom I thought my ramen noodles blew up!!!!
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from KTTS you turn 25 degrees in a latatude dive and in your crossheres of your hud in the FA/18 you see a big pad thats the pan the Saturn5 was launched
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it is cool but when is fs11 coming!!!!!!!!
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fs11 is comeing out later 2008. the get a new one every two years
On FSX you should shearch for X68.
FS11 is set for late 1010.
my cuszin has fs 11 and it has hot air baloons and blimps and you can fire your own missles in a fighter jet!!!!!
OH, BTW - ITS FOR FS2004 only
It would be cool if it took off once in a while there
Go to perfect flight.com to find the space shuttle addon for fsx and fs2004
Is there any good sites to get space shuttle stuff!
Perfect flight. com (not free).
This is our freakin government is spending our tax money. Ducktaping giant pieces of foam together, filling them with jet fuel and launching them into nowhere with a prayer and a "good luck". There too stupid to realize that NOBODY CARES about how far you can send a giant piece of foam into space. We care about how high prices are and how we can bring them down. ;(
Actually FS11 is set for Christmas 2011. Read some developers blogs. They are concentrating mostly on the train sim first.
Space traveling is wery inportant. We need to go out there. All our enviroment problems can be solve that way. Good if space traveling wil be posible in FSX!!
i have been there. it is very cool. it is borig how it wouldn;t lift off

perfect flight.com(perfect place). go geogai tech!
i cant find the place

Man, Where can I get this airport? because it's nowhere to be found in FSX. Please give us the link.
I've been there it is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When was this website made
it dose not work on fs 2004

how do u takeoff a space shuttle and get it in postion for takeoff?

i got a scenery package that makes the space shuttle take off at times its pretty cool
fs11 is going to be so fing cool and also go to utube and type in old greg good video
at the moment,fs11 isnt happening cos microsoft has scrapped the team that made it - wether theyre coming back or not is unknown.
If you think space travel is pointless you have no shame. BTW it doesn't come from tax money. Kennedy space center charges a small burger for $8 plus tax. not to mention other overpriced stuff. You see it isn't an empty area they earn tons of money each year on tourism. They have tours that cost over 100 bucks per person. Your money does not go to waste. Less then 3% of tax money goes to NASA etc...
how do u put addons onto ur FSX??
what is the best plane to get into space with on fsx? i downloaded a shuttle and at 60,000 feet i went unstable. plz help me! i want to go into space!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still, it's a waste because nothing they have "found" so far has benefited me or my family or my friends or anybody else I know. They could turn NASA into a research center for alternative energy sources or something. Something that benefits the people and not something that benefits scientists who just wanna know. There are many different things NASA could be that actually involves the people of the United States. If anyone is saving money or living better because of NASA launching prayers into space please tell below.
i have ahuge problem with the space shuttle on x-plane i cant lift off.
YOU GUYS ARE WEIRD,first of all Microsoft is close to bankruptcy and they closed the studio that made flight sim,so their not be a flight sim 11 in a few,few years
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Aerosoft is making a Flight simulator that will not be titled "FS11". It will be a another title that I don't know yet. This will be a replacement for FSX
whats after fsx whens the next one out anyone know?
KTTS isn't on the list! HELP!
i wish they would just make an upgrade for fsx to be like fs11 instead of buying new games cuz its a wate of money
anybody got cheats for fsx?

i got that misson. downloaded from simviation.com ;p
Edwards AFB
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Have fun building planes, etc, and also fly them! The game is called ROBLOX.com
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MicroSoft has canceled their FSX Dev team there will be no FSXI(9)! This really sucks big, hairy balls doesn't it?

KTTS, unless you have the Accelleration Expansion pack is listed in FSX as X68
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