Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon, FSX

Hells Canyon is a crater that follows the Snake River in the northwestern United States. The river forms the state border between Oregon-Idaho and Washington-Idaho. The crater is much smaller than the Grand Canyon, however, it is still worth to pay a visit.

Takeoff from Weiser (S87) and follow the river to the north. If you get lost use the GPS map and follow the dotted line (state border). If you set time to morning or evening you will experience the sight of shadows from the mountainsides.


Yes, I enjoyed this flight! It worth a visit, indeed!
No breathtaking like Grand Canyon, flying low, but a nice view too. Landed at KLWS, Rwy 29. I used the Cessna C208.
Jorge Silva.
deepest canyon in the world, very cool ;)
Great flight.
Took the advice and flew it on a summer's evening, the shadows looked awesome creeping up the mountainsides, with the clouds clinging round the peaks. Used a C172 for a relaxed flight.
you should try to flight the canyon that follows the victoria falls with a extra 300 thats really cool
Much better scenery than I thought it would be. I flew about 30 minutes up the river. I saved the game and will be going back for more exploration.
I'm back after more exploration. Still cool! On to another part of the world now...
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