Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip, FSX

Las Vegas Strip Map is a famous gambling street in Las Vegas. At night the buildings are lighted, some with animated effects.

Choose the C172 and set time to night. Takeoff from rwy 25R at McCarran Intl (KLAS). Fly runway heading and make a 90° right turn just at the runway threshold. Climb only a few feet and fly at low speed. Now you should be lined up with the street.

Tip: If you set the date and time to a holiday you will also see fireworks.


I been there with a chopper. Easy to find, the Strip is next to the Airport, u cant miss it.
You can find a lot of things there, really cool.
Try flying there in a air ship its really fun.
I should try in a downloaded car
wut website can i go to to get these "downloadable cars?
just type in "microsoft flight simulator downloads cars" into Google to find it.
where do you get a soace ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
If your question was Space Ship, I did manage to download the NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis. I can't recall where I got it though, just type in FSX NASA Shuttle Atlantis into google
Fireworks on New Years
fireworks everywhere

The Second guy said He flew in a Airship. Where can I Download One?

you can go to simviation.com to get more airplanes

lol theres a tree in the middle of the road
Pretty Lights

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A game where you can build stuff, and fly planes! Its called ROBLOX.com
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