New York City

New York City, FSX

New York City, United States, is famous for its many skyscrapers on Manhattan island Map. The city is also interesting to fly because it is surrounded by busy airports with a busy airspace.

Choose a seaplane (e.g. the Cessna Caravan Amphibian) for this tour. Takeoff from the famous John F. Kennedy (KJFK) and fly south to the coast. Follow the coast to the west until reaching the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Before you reach the bridge, you will see an animated amusement park at Coney Island (N40*34.44 W73*59.17), a peninsula on the southernmost Brooklyn. From the bridge fly noth and head to the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. Fly around Manhattan and land on the water just besides the tall skyscrapers.

Read this page on how to see Manhattan at ground level.

Airport approaches

Because of the detalied and partly photorealistic scenery of New York City there is some published approaches at the local airports that are interesting.

John F. Kennedy (KJFK) Map

The Canarsie approach to runway 13L/R has a late 93° right turn. In fact this is the only instrument approach for runway 13R. It can be flown as the Parkway Visual and VOR or GPS approach. In real-world pilots have visual guidance from lead-in light clusters as seen on the charts.

The Belmont Visual Runway 22L approach is more difficult because the Expressway is difficult to locate.

La Guardia (KLGA) Map

The Expressway Visual Runway 31 approach requires a final 129° left turn and gives a good view of Manhattan while approaching. Also here the Expressway is difficult to locate but the Flushing Meadow Park and Shea Stadium are clearly visible.

The River Visual Runway 13 approach is easy and you get a first class view of Manhattan.

My favorite is: Set time to New Year and approach La Guardia via River Visual with the view of the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline, and the New Year fireworks.

Scenery add-ons


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Might I suggest going to Avsim and looking for "New York Objects 'Art Deco' Version 2.0" - nyc_obj2.zip for a FAR FAR superior Manhattan.
..sorry, me again. or, for that matter, "New York Objects Version 3.0" ( sorry, only noticed update after I posted. )
um...in FS2004...are the WTC's still there?
yes they r still there in fs9
they are if you download what I told you and set the date before the attacks.
What is a ''expressway'' ?
are the WTC in FSX?????
JFK's "lead in lights" scenery for 13L and 13R originally for MSFS2002 (but also works in MSFS9, just put the canarsie.blg in the correct folder for MSFS9's addon scenery) can be added. Use canasie1.zip (Douglas MA Rooks, author) available in the AVSIM library.
Nighttime approaches look GREAT!
KJFK Lead in lights for Visual Approach RWY 13L/R
by Hartwig Rohrbeck //library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=115813&CatID=fsxafcad

You need a powerful PC to render NYC in all its glory.
Tell me about it. I can't get a frame rate better than about 6 on my computer. Slow as crap.
where can i download wtc for fsx for free
u can download WTC addons from quite a few places, but they arent part of Default FS9 or FSX scenery.
try avsim or flightsim
Visit www.metrohelo.org for lot's of free NYC heliport and hospital helipad scenery developed by our team (for FS2004, but some works in FSX)
wats with the WTC comments? You guys wanna practice flying into it or something?
Why canĀ“t we ask for the WTC in fsx?It was a very important and beatiful building.Concorde and f-14 Tomcat were and always going to be remenbered...
Like Wtc and the people that died that day on them.
just had a lot of fun dodging buildings.
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how to find yankee stadium
hey can someone tell me where can i downlaod the best new york scenery for free?

ok first i aint sure but you can (i think) see the WTC lights at night of course but its pretty hard and plus u need to to take off from JFK NOT LA GUARDIA
Have fun building planes, etc, and also fly them! The game is called ROBLOX.com
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