Paris, FSX

Paris Map is the capital of France and the default scenery contains many of the famous buildings of the city.

This tour takes you to a famous path in the city. Takeoff from Orly (LFPO). Fly east to the Seine river. Follow the river in north direction for about 9 nm until you reach the island with Notre Dame (church with a black spire). Just where the island ends locate the yellow Tuileries Palace to the right of the river. Follow the road that runs from the palace at about heading 300. This is the Axe historique where you will see a lot of famous buildings and monuments, e.g. the Arc de Triomphe. On the path you will see the Eiffel Tower to the left. Later after crossing the river but still following the road you may fly through the Grande Arche. And by the way - you can't fly under the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe unless you have disabled crash detection.

The Palace of Versailles is located south west of the city centre or 2 nm at heading 105 from LFPZ.

Paris has the Charles de Gaulle International Airport (LFPG) which is a major airport with high-detailed scenery. Make a short passenger flight between Chales de Gaulle and Heathrow, London (EGLL), the two greatest airports in Europe with respect to passenger traffic.

Tip: If you set the date to July 14, the French national day, and time to 22.00, you will see fireworks close to the Eiffel Tower.


The Sacré Coeur aka Montmartre if I'm not wrong, sort of hidden by buildings halfway between the Tower and Le Bourget airport.
i saw this in... a view to a kill

Flyin' through the Grand Arche is a cool challenge
c'est une bone ideé
I'd like to try to fly a small plane under there!
You'll crash if your try to fly under it. Lots of models, like the Forth Bridges in Scotland look like you should be able to fly under them, but you'll crash if you try (unless maybe you dumb down the Realism settings)
Has anyone ever for the fun of it taxied down a freeway? It's funny, the cars simply pass by as if everythings normal!
Yes I have in Chicago.Its fun. pssssssst, dont repeat 9/11.
good luck
delta 177 clear for takoff ifr to los angeles as field ,wind 3 knots. copy that delta 177 clear for tackoff los angeles as fieled.
another tip: if you do the mission where you perform the airshow with an airbus, fly around the tower to get a reward
on blazing angels on 360 you can fly mustang under tower
by no way i could find the Palace of Versailles.
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