Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., FSX

Washington, D.C. Map, is the capital of the United States and you will see famous buildings such as the White House, the Pentagon, and the Washington Monument in the default scenery.

City tour

Takeoff from runway 33 at Ronald Reagan Washington National (KDCA) Map Photo and fly runway heading until you reach the Pentagon. Then turn north east, cross the Potomac River, and you will reach the other famous buildings.

Marine One flight

Andrews Air Force Base (KADW) Map Photo is the home base of the two Boeing 747-200B Air Force One aircrafts. Start in a helicopter at the base and bring the Commander-in-Chief from the White House to a waiting 747 at the base.

Ronald Reagan Washington runway 19 approach

The runway 19 approaches at KDCA are spectacular and highly recommendable. A straight-in approach is not allowed because it will cross the prohibited area covering government buildings such as the White House. Consequently the 5 approaches to the runway follow the Potomac River and require a final 30° to 40° visual right turn before lined up with the runway:

For all approaches use the bridges as landmarks for where to initiate the final right turn. Observe carefully on the GPS navigator that you don't cross the prohitibted area (else a couple of jets from Andrews may soon guide you to the final apporach :-)

You may also try the Mount Vernon Visual approach for rwy 1 where you follow the Potomac River northwards. Even though the approach has no late turns it complicates the approach that the runway doesn't have PAPI/VASI.

If you set the date/time to New Year you'll see fireworks at the Washington Monument.

See charts for the airport.

IFR New York - Washington

Make a short IFR flight from John F. Kennedy, New York (KJFK) to Ronald Reagan Washington (KDCA) with the rwy 19 approach. Set wind at KDCA to around 185° so you will be cleared for a runway 19 landing.