Strange airports and places

Strange airports and places, FSX

Remark: This page will not be updated anymore. Please refer to Spectacular places for the lastest FSX places.

This site contains a list of strange places and airports in Flight Simulator. In some cases they are incorrectly represented due to errors in the software, scenery, or mesh etc. Please share your own airports/places in the comment box below.

Valid for Flight Simulator 2004
Valid for Flight Simulator X
(none): Valid for Flight Simulator 2004, but not checked yet in Flight Simulator X

ENDI: Major terrain mesh bug

From SYKM fly south and see a very tall spear and very deep hole.

Deep holes: From 2AR6 rwy 19 fly rwy heading. From MO3 fly heading 120.

9AK8: This airstrip is located near several other airstrips. The problem is, that the airstrip elevation is 200-300 ft below the other airstrips.

VNLK and VQPR: Two Himalayan airports with difficult approaches.

KMKO: Runway placed on top of a hole

Airports located in a hole: SESM, SPVL, FZNI, LAKO, MXA9, MDCZ, VI1Y, 44AK, SVAS, 4Z5, 80WA

Airports located on a platform: MT84, BGUK, SPPY, SPIN, VE1N, SBCJ, 15NK

Southeast of MS65: Platform with fueling station, light mast and terminal building, but no registered airport.

Southeast of SESM: While SESM is probably located too low (only in FS2004), this river is located too high

The airport/terrain are only partly matching each other.
The terrain is now corrected but the waterholes are still unusual close to the airport

LB1B: Runway located on a platform and part of a highway. Light and power masts very close to the runway.

Antartica airports: Snow and ice runways. Furthermore the runways are moving because of a bug when you get close to the poles.

AQY: Terrain in front of runway thresholds

EGDP: Even though equipped with tower, runway lighting, jet fueling station and asphalt surface this airport in the southern England has a only 750 feet short runway.

VILH: At 10700' elevation this airport has a 535' short runway (6/24). This is the place for testing your STOL aircraft.

KNXP: Runway of steel (there's several of them)
VVDB: Runway of planks (there's several of them)

KSZP: Terminal buildings very close to runway. Dangerous for crosswind landings.

EKVG: Special (but true) exit ramps at both runway thresholds if you run out of runway

LXGB: Runway that cutts off the Gibraltar peninsula

WAJJ: If you follow the glideslope for ILS/DME 30 you'll eventually hit the water. Decision height here should be taken seriously!

YPID: Invisible runway but visible taxiways

S93 and 2W1: Two runways with same latitude and heading and 0.3 nm from each other. Even same frequencies.

North and South Poles: If you try to reach the Poles in FS2004 it's like hitting a wall.

Obstacles on or close to the runways/taxiways:

31D: Two of the (very small) runways are placed in extension of the main runway.

WN23: A tree and a power mast on the approach for runway 25, and a lighthouse on the runway. Furthermore this airport has only a small (lighted!) grass strip but ironically it has the title of an international airport.

Between SPJN and SPYU: A bridge that connects South America with the Pacific Ocean...

East of SBMN: Bridge connecting land to water.

EDDI and SBRJ: Spectacular (but true) arrangement of taxiways/aprons/buildings.

PAGY: Spectacular road net besides the runway.

RJTE: Very short runway. Fortunately the taxiway extends the runway to twice the length.

CYRV: One of the weirdest airport surroundings in my opinion

YSNF: Runways build on water

FNBG: Runway becomes invisible if you slew the aircraft.

"Water mountains" at S73* 25 W127* 5.

ESSA: The runway 19L/1R is only partly completed and thus represented as a kind of taxiway. A road from outside the airport crosses the runway.

N35* 7.75' W8* 45.13': A small square of land in the Atlantic Ocean.

RJTX: Just a single helipad. Not that this is uncommon, but in FS it is.

EDDF: If you check the facility information you'll see a runway 25L and 26L. Physically it is the same runway, but because the runway has two ILS approaches, the runway has two names.

NRQ: Beyond having 8 small runways that together forms a star (in FSX), this US Naval Outlying Field has undergone a very spectacular transformation between FS2004 (left) and FSX (right):

YXFV: In FS2004 this is just a helipad, however, in FSX it is the shortest runway (100 ft) with a light mast and a couple of buildings on the runway. The two visual runway threshold numbers are placed on top of each other.



First of all, does that spear not scare the crap out of you? it's like 50000 feet high. Like the Finger of God in 'Ringworld'.
Secondly, if they are building airports on holes in the terrain, how much attention to detail could MS possibly be paying?
I have taken off at the 535-foot runway at VILH! I used Mike Stone's L188. Full flaps down, rev up the engines with the parking brake on, release the brake, pull up.
Oh, and that was with about 2.5% fuel;-)
At EKVG, too bad that southwest plane that crashed at Midway in October was not there on that rwy.
EKVG is only ever used for domestic flights with small twin turbprops and small jets. It was built in 1985 as part of the docklands project in london. Planes come straight over here in east london. Its known a s London city airport.

The southwestern plane would either end up in the river Thames!!!?!?! or embedded in the bottom of one of the nearby office blocks!!
try Jumla airport(VNJL)
I think it is Penticton or city nearby where the strip is extended into the river and is about 100 feet lower than the surface of the water. To land you have to fly a turning approch from land andtry not to run into the end of runway wall of water!
Landing on Runway 10 at Longyear in Svalbard Norway the runway starts out in the water and moves inland while descending. Like landing on an aircraft carrier!
what place is the pic from? i cant find that one - from webmaster: I can't remember, but try SESM
I navigated a piper J3 Cub down the hole at SYKM with the "Easy" flight model so as not to break up as I was pointed straight down at ~140 knots. I desended to an altitude of -100091FT MSL before I struck the bottom. I then got into an F16 Viper and ascended to the top of the "finger of God" as it was put and I calculated the top at ~63000FT MSL. Somebody can try these stunts to verify.
To the poster above, EKVG is NOT London City, it is VAGAR in the FAROE ISLANDS and yes it does have runoff strips at each end of the runway!
In the lake just a mile or two southeast of CYRV, has anybody tried to see how far down the bottomless hole in the lake you can get? Its AT LEAST 600+ feet deep. There is also a downhill slope in the water in that same place. And if you cruise around there in a float plane, it seems like the water wake and splash is way above the aircraft.
go to SCRM, it is a really strange Airport.
The hole near the spear of god:
I investigated it's depth in slew mode and at about -100000 ft, it got to small for my f-14 to go any further. I assume it must go another 10000 ft down.
Angwin-Parret is cool! Small, but cool!
Does anyone know where Area 51 is???
Area 51 is not in FS9. But you buy it as an add-on
How do you get Area 51???
area 51 is in arizona by groom lake
how do you get a freakin jumbo jet in FS2004 ??
^^ Why don't you try one of the Boeings -- PRE PACKAGED!!! My personal favorite is the 777-200.
What website can you get Area 51 on? If it is avalible as a download, can you give me the download page on this page?
That SYKM Place is Awesome!!! I actually got to the top of the spear...50,000FT!!! The hole is more than 100,000ft deep. Crazy!!!
ENDI it is a funny airport in FSX, my guess is that it is due to some error in the mesh of the terrain. Airport is surrounded by a hole.
you can say there is a sand RWY at OYBN in Yemen . It's quite long Though...
File at Avsim addressing six of these problems, including one not mentioned above, 15,000' deep hole in Lake Millwood in Arkansas: http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fs2004scen&DLID=52052

OTOH, if you're interested, Kevin Ryan made an airport to go in the Millwood hole to make a really challenging landing! http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fs2004scen&DLID=56726

I have made the descent and landing, and takeoff and climbout, successfully in the RealAir SF.260

www.aero-files.com for the best Vagar Airport scenery
Area 51 scenery:
There is a freeware area 51 scenery pack at www.simnewz.com
Vagar Airport for fs 2004 rocks. I hope it will arrive for FSX. The company is www.aero-files.com
Nice airport if you ask me :D
Area 51 is called Groom Lake in FS2004. go check it out...very intersting.
Area 51 is pre-packaged with FSX. Just go to airport ID AR51. In the mission Secret Shuttle, you fly the Janet service which transports government employees from Mccarren to Area 51. During the mission ATC will advise you of an oncoming aircraft. Lets just say UFOs can be seen in the game with no add-ons.

you can now pay and instant download at aero files.
I love the website: www.aero-files.com
NZSP has some MAJOR terrain glitches check it out lol, its the south pole base
VNLK w/ Baron FSX Std: Indeed very hard due to altitude.
VQPR w/ Baron in FSX Std: All nice. Nice coconut trees and blue thing (looks like a big tent) beyond the end of rwy 15 (start of 33).
KNXP is not listed on FSX Std.
EKVG in FSX std: They're there. Also shape-changing cliffs (saw that first time in Kenya on FSX).
LXGB FSX Std: Checks.
WN23 in FSX Std: Lighted dirt airstrip, with a light beacon and... a displaced treshold! Ah! (photos)
Has a much more decent rwy on the left (of 25), WN28, marked with two runways on World Map, but only one of them is there.
SPJN-SPYU Bridge into the Pacific in FSX Std: After two low altitude (1500-500 ft) runs of the shoreline, I didn't see it.
SBMN bridge to the east in FSX Std: After two low-altitude runs, I haven't seen any structure.

PAGY in FSX Std: About four roads go uphill in that manner particular to FS.
RJTE in FSX: Checks.
PHHN (Maui/Hana) in FSX Std: Plagued by trees on the land side (complexity normal, autogen sparse). Yet it is possible to and land w/ a Baron (no wind).
FNBG in FSX STD stays put when slewing.
S73* 25 W127* 5 i FSX Std "Ice cliffs" a little over 9000 ft high.
N35* 7.75' W8* 45.13': A small square of land in the Atlantic Ocean. In FSX Std, after a few circles, I saw nothing there.
RJTX n FSX Std: checks.
9AK8 in a hole. In FSX Std. Of course. The very nearby 6AK9 too, but not as deep. There are, in this area, loads of small airstrips, like the AK47; many of them are in lakes or dams like 3A3 and seem intended for floaters. If you want to quickly land at many airports, that's the place to go.

FZNI in FSX Std is on a shallow platform (400-500 ft)
SYKM: spear is about 62000 ft, hole about 100000 ft
SYKM: Yes, the finger of god is south of it, but did you notice how close the runway is near the water?
i found out the finger of god is caused by two elevation points in the river that were too close to eachother. it resulted in disastrous results, but i prefer having those glitches there, they look cool and put a mysterious kind of feel to your flight. i love flightsim glitches!!!
area 51 is in groom lake NEVADA: NOT ARIZONA, the U.S. Gov. tested aircraft there so there may be a "hidden" airport somewhere
is there an area 51 in FS2004? i know it's in FSX, but can it be in FS2004? i tried looking for it without success
yes it's called groom Lake
in the real world, area 51 is at 115.45 W, 37.16 N
look for a base around that area
I looked for area 51 in FS 2004, i didn't find it, i don't think it's in there, and it's not under groom lake either
area 51 is not in FS2004
could anyone give some water take-off and landing areas/airports please really like the de-havilland beaver
There's an aircraft carrier off the coast of San Francisco in FS2004. That's where I practice short-field landings.
yea, but you can only use the cessnas skyhawk on it, otherwise it's to short of a landing surface
buy an add on for FS2004 for aircraft carriers, catipult, jets, it is better than the carrier in san fransico
theres lots of water runways around seattle
Lukla airport, north of kathmandu is one of the scaryest landings ever. once you start, there's no going back!
I think I found a glitch by china flying at about a heading of 127 from bejing. It seems like the ground all of a sudden turns purple... Could just be my comp though.
Area 51 is easy to find in FSX. Just make a flight plan to "AR51" You may also see some circular planes on the ways there.
area 51 is in Nevada, not Arizona. It is on Groom Lake. It is about 95 north west of Nellis Airfoce base as the crow flies
There are lots of water airports in and around Seattle. There are also many, many more scattered across the country and world. They are marked with an anchor on the World Map. However, none that I know of have parking spaces.
Everyone wants Area 51!
For those still looking, AVSIM has the following related download options;
area51.zip by J Hudson and TJ Synkral (NB - there are 2 versions, 2004 and 2006)
afftc_det.3.zip by Patrick Brodeur
groom_lake_afb.zip by Bernard Lo (AFCAD only)
tonopah_test_range_v1.1.zip by William Peeters
af2tnxup.zip by William Peeters & Don Lewis Lively - updating the above
janet_boeing_737_200_sga.zip by Hector Perez Gonzalez for the Kittyhawk 737-200

(I found searching AVSIM for "Area 51" produced a heap of mesh downloads for the Himalayas. This confirms either a government conspiracy - or perhaps a significant clue to an alien base ... or something... but after about 17 screens found a couple of files)

i heard theres a mission that has a secret airbase in the side of a mountain where you fly through a hole...can anyone confirm this and what mission it is? i am interested in adding more of these bases for our session in fsx. by the way this is the owner of simgameit.com
this is the owner of simgameit.com again....i forgot to mention check out PAPG the glide slope is a bit crooked lol.
The airport Gogrial HSGO should be at location 8°52N and not 18°52N.
It is not true that runways are moving when you approach the poles, its just the scenery that have a "moving" king of illusion, but things stay right where they are.. you should get the right information before posting bullshit over the internet, kid
The goverment has confirmend there is an area 51, everyone knows about it, sadly we don't know what they do. So there really is no goverment conspiricy, plus if you look hard enough you should be able to find Area 51 on AVsim
i got to -101,335 feet in the hole next to the finger of god and my friend got a lil farther but he didnt see the altitude
Area 51 AKA Groom Lake is a testing facility used during the cold war for recon missions to find out what the soviets were up to. SR-71 and U2 were made and tested there.
What airport is pictured at the top of this page?
yea there is a secret mission - if you do the executive pickup in FSX with the helicopter once you complete the regular mission it goes on with an interesting story - accept the new mission and you'll see how it turns out it's really cool.
Yes on the first part...testing was done there however, the SR-71 and US were not made there. As a former SkunkWorks employee, who built the SR-71, it was made elsewhere (ironically 5 minutes from a major US City, and we flew the aircraft out to the USAF during the wee hours of the morning to sometimes Groom Lake (Nellis Annex) or White Sands, but more often to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio. Most of the goings on @ Groom Lake were to counter Soviet weapon-systems and the "conspiracy theories" served the gov't well, as they kept folks pre-occupied with aliens and such so that the real tasks could be conducted with limited suspicions.
is there an airport next to a cliff
SKBO is on a rare mountain, many other airports in Latin America are too.
I mean this type sorry bad diagram "01================19>>> ground ground ground cliff...>}
often times when approaching any runway ils/ifr approach on, i find the computer wants to land either on taxiway or in between taxiway and runway.
i say niaga falls
The height of the spear is 61920. Noticed that the airplane shadow was located at considerable altitude plus it and the spear shadow were showing different angles of sunlight.
KNXP: Runway of steel (there's several of them)
During World War 2 some military airports were hastily made using a steel mesh. The pattern I see in FS9 looks similar.
The secret base is in the second part of the Tokyo Executive Transport after you drop the executives off at the airport. You must follow the jet they get in for a long time at low levels. You will also see some interesting sea plane along the way.
those are not secret missions, stupid, those are the result when you choose deifferent choices during the missions, each mission have lots of choices..
Can anyone tell me any good water runways for fsx please???
2 things:
1) KBUF runway 23 has a crooked ILS approach
2) will the SkunkWorks employee post more info. very interesting
my freind tonyair got to a depth of -101,541.6 feet in the hole next to the finger of god

go to spte and follow the river north and ull find a large long valley

All of the runways in Belize City have trees all over them.
Did SP1 kill the FoG? i flew exactly at heading 180 for 100 miles, and no giant finger...
YXFV: Westpac Rescue Helicopter Base...
I've landed a LearJet on Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles (a runway reserved for Cessnas!).
at vvdb, the tower is a trailer parked in the grass
the SVAS that´s my grandfather´s airport if u dont believe me confirm my lastname is schwarck :P
At SYMK besides the fact of the 60000ft tall spear being south of the airport also beside the spear there is a hole thats like 100000 ft deep. Check it out, it actually scared me
In the Small Town Kongvinger in Norway, 80 Miles southEast of ENGM, you can find a hool in the large river there
were do i donload guik and easy aircraft for fsx

Where the hell do i get all the really cool aircdafts from for FS2004
I landed a beoing 777-400 at YXFV on that helipad thing but i do have a pilot's licence for 777-400:)
that deep hole just by 'the finger of god' is 87820.6 ft underground. i went down there in a modified F-16 to make it go 10 times that faster i did myself and it took like 25 minutes nearly. it also scared the hell out of me.
Humber Bridge in the UK: on the River Humber the Bridge is in a cave sort of thing and the water is stopped by the Cave which is not true in real life i know this as i live near the River Humber
On fsx, kmko doesnt have the hole
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that strange island airport in the tokyo executive transport mission in fsx, can it be found without doing that mission?
Funny scenery: in FSX the radio tower in Munich near the olympic stadium is far too small, whereas a power plant in Dublin has chimneys of around 1800 ft height.
where are the corrections for these problems?
for good seaplane airports, also try Alaska. Especially southern Alaska, south of Juno.
in FSX i have not found SYMK. where else can i find a good hole?

Unalaska has a good seaport.
where do i find the finger of god
go all to hell
ENDI...Took a Bell 412 down the side of the cliff just off the runway...bottom of the gorge is 0 ft...sealevel, altitude at runway is 3600 feet...could not land down there, the slope is angled at the bottom and the 412 won't fit.
Took a Bell Long Ranger down the hole next to The Finger Of God...never made it to the bottom...what a wild ride that was though!
Does anyone know where there a airport thats in a cave
For the record, "Area 51" is inactive as of late. The "conspiracy testing" has been moved to the Dugway Proving Grounds which is in Utah. Alot of chemical and biological weapons testing occurs there as well.
hello peeps... where can I find that airport in the mission executive transport??? the one at the end?? I really need it for my website, currylovers.spruz.com

"Secondly, if they are building airports on holes in the terrain, how much attention to detail could MS possibly be paying?"
There are 24,000 airports N00B!!!! They don't build them all by hand!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA LOL I ROFLED AT THIS!!! ROFLOLMAO!!
i dont think fsx has the finger of god
the scenery for the executive transport secret mission is only activated in the mission
where do i find the finger of god???
finger of god is scary!
can i find the finger ogf god in fsx
where is the finger of god???????
is it in fsx???

no it's not
finger of god is not in fsx :(
I found a 600 feet "tsunami" between the world's most easterly and most westerly airports. Fly west from NFNM for about 8nm and the ocean suddenly drops.
nice site thank you!!!
the finger of god is not present for FSX. only for FS2004
if you taek-off from ZWWW and fly south for about 25nm you become overloaded with trees as high as 1500ft!!! try it:-)
the finger of god is roughly 61500 ft high!!!
why do helicopters start spinning when you get to objectives in missions
Go to PHFS i think. The island/runway is completely made of CORAL. Try taking off, the runway/island has a wall of large trees at both ends. Better yet try landing, I did.
I flew a 747 through the earth and i hit the center of the earth go to egll and go to the end of the runway and then full power and nose dive you go through the earth. By the way at this moment in time im having sex uh uh uh
What it comes down to is that microsoft does not test there software or there hardware good enough before they put it out for sale. Microsoft is king of the bugs. I heard that they know about most bugs but release sofware anyway. Go figure
Wind sock in the taxiway at KEYW (Key West International) in FSX
You should see the Area 51 landing strip, I swear, it's x-files freaky, man. 2 huge flying triangles, 4 electricity balls, and when you get close to Area 51 a saucer flies by. Oh, did I mention that while you're taxiing you hear a callsign "Vista 16" requesting takeoff and then get a warning that you're on the runway but vista 16 takes the risk and the triangle that is vista 16 then takes off vertically really fast?
Sorry, it's vista 6 3
For any serious sim adventurer you have got to get the GLOBETREKKER 1000 which has a list of 1000 of the most difficult and most challenging airports for FS-9 and FS-X. It also includes all of the known glitch airports and many many more not listed here! You can find it on E-bay or drop a line to Captannemo-at-earthlink-dot-net!
take off from M77 and fly 190... there is a 15,000ft hole. you can land anything down there at the bottom. Also FNBG is a runway that is "underground" it appears/disappears as you depart or approach.
Hi webmaster! Your site is cool, indeed! Please visit my homepage:
Go to CYOO and if u fly 20 nm to the south west you can see a huge yellow ball and if you have a jet or a space shuttle u can fly in it THE BEST
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FSX New Plymouth Airport runway has building on the runway!
I think the airport code "KRYY" has a tele-pole on the very end ov the runway
I think the airport code "KRYY" has a tele-
Where he is located the hole in the USA with -12000FT between TN.TX.OK?
in fs2004 go to EDWARDS AFB AUX NORTH BASE theres a space shuttle
in fs2004 i know at KSEAN, KLAX, and CLOC theres giant chickens not far from the airport nothing special but it's odd
i still recommand "Hendeson Field" Midway
Why is ar51 located in N@$$ not arazonia
in the community of racheal nevada, people see contrails and hear sonic booms that can only be made @ mach 12

the volcano is true

I'm really annoyed that so many airports have autogen trees RIGHT in the way of the glide slope! Would it be so hard to make the area 200 feet in front of the runway threshold an autogen-free area? Is there a plug-in? When I land, I'm tired of having to stay higher than the glide slope, then dip down quickly once I clear the high trees right in front of the runway!
P.S. It would have to be how on the planet eath because it would be scary if it was How on the planet mars:-)
At MMZP Zapopan Airport, just outside of MMGL Guadalajara International there is a large hole! The runway is in the middle of the big hole. Be sure to check it out or add it to the list of strange airports.
area51 isnt located in arizona because its located in nevada in real life u ignoramus
What happerns if you fly in the Bermuda Triangle? Do you get sucked into Submachine?
Go to Amook bay Alaska
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YPID has the same effect in FSX. The taxiways look visible and the runway is like grass...
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that that wide runway is strange
perfect design thanks
Seen a strange very tall very narrow piece of land jutting straight up to the sky at more than 30000ft somewhere over Africa when I flew a flight from South Africa to London Heathrow, believed to be a terrain bug. It was very much like an icicle! I was on IFR Flightplan.
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for something really cool to to while online make a game of J3 cub dogfights (rules up to you) and fly around ENDI. also works with Extras but its harder
what is the airports I.D code for area 51?
if you into the main effects folder for flight simulator 2004 ant swap the two texture folders names when you crash with crash mode on you will get firballs!!! try it ... it is awesome
I'll try that now!
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What's about (Svalbard)ENSB Longyear, Norway? It keeps moving runway when you're near runway. How could be fix?

where is the burmuda triangle
The Berumda Triangle is 850 miles east of the US. You should find it on the map. And btw those places are strange as hell
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Well mostly CRAP I have to say, if your a good pilot and using FSX why not go get the Aerosoft download for lukla and play with tha because the ones listed don;t present any challenges!!!
I likes the helipads!!!!!
Try to take of from "ENAL"
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that picture is actually in Mexico I think near guadalajara or . its definitely in Mexico I went there a couple of times to land.
4FL3 doesn't have any real obstacles, there are just unnecessary runway markings at the end of runway 27.
I stand corrected... not only that, but if you follow the glideslope for runway 27 (the side with the markings), you'll hit a radio mast.
At EDDF, the runway thresholds are actually like that. You'll see that runway 26L is a displaced threshold of runway 25L. In other words, runway 7R-25L-26L has three runway thresholds. Runway 18, however, has only one. "Runway 36" isn't marked, and therefore is never used.
If you have a chinook downloaded onto fsx you can actually land it on water! Try it!
the finger of god in fsx is at this:

N40* 45.54'
W110* 41.96'
Intl Peace Garden (S28) on F.S.X has a 2 huge holes,

go on youtube, joe2k95 huge hole airport to see it if you want
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CYYC (Calgary International Airport) has quite a few errors.

FSX has Concourse A Gates 1-11 missing, replaced by 3 small GA parking spots. Tarmac around Concourse A is too small, and part of the tarmac is cut off by tarmac boundary lights that form a non-existant taxiway by Gate A15.

The Cargo/Large GA tarmac is cut in half, with 3 parking spots on the west side of the tarmac missing.

Terrain generation around the airport is also messed up. Queen Elizabeth II Highway (aka Deerfoot Trail, Highway 2) should be at a lower elevation. The only trees near the airport are on the golf course south of Runway 16, the rest of the airport is surrounded by open fields. McCall Way NE, the airport service road, is completely missing.
[FS2004] Dude... that SYKM phenomenon is really weird. I tried flying up the spire in a learjet but only got a little more than halfway up (35,500 ft). From what I've heard, the spire is around 65,000 feet tall and the hole accompanying it is more than 99,999 feet deep. It creeps me out, man!
You should add St. Barthalemy airport (TFF?) in the carribean, in FS2004, because on one side of the runway theres a large hill that prevents takeoffs and induces nearly impossible landings, and the other end of the runway is blocked by a tree.
Tower bridge in London on FSX is completely wrong.It seems to lie below a waterfall!
In my fsx Lukla (the airport) is just a dirt runway going into the mountain side can some one plz help my if the problem? I have Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition if your wondering which edition
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Check out VRMM! It is not wrong or strange, but it is the coolest airport in the world!
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MMZP is very strange
every thing is strange
If you type in EGDP in google maps, THE 750 FT SHORT RUNWAY EXISTS!! But i have noticed that there are lots of helipads surrounding it so perhaps it is only for airplanes like the harrier on the runway.Also i have noticed that there is what appears to be a second,even smaller runway with a chinook helicopter on it.The second runway is also pretty skinny so if you guys go on google maps or google earth, maybe you'll find it. Also, one of the lots of several helipads, one helipad has an H on it when the others are just circles.Maybe you can find them.If you do, please,please inform me about it.
try finding the big hole in greenland, i think its over 100,000ft deep... its about in the middle of greenland and some nm to the west
I am sending my game back to FSX creators(however I don't know where)TO GET IT FIXED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE(ASAP)!
the hole in middle of greenland is your Mom. i do her every night for MY pleasure. GO masturbate Bitches!!!
Very nice site!
crap. i decided to crash into the finger of god and a well wierd sound came out of speakers! :) also it takes you right to the top!
Somebody add groom lake. It is weird because it has UFOS! But you can only see them on Secret Shuttle.
(___________) It makes a weird sound as it flies.
Why the heck is SVAS placed in a hole? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You should see Davis Monthan AFB. It is weird because it has a massive amount of planes next to it. But their all military aircraft. I see the following planes:B-1/C-130,Flogger,ETC. And what I mean by massive, I mean MASSIVE!!!!!!! Check it out and see what I mean on Google maps.
Cool site goodluck :)
In Central Africa, Congo, is a monolith, a few hundred metres high.
MMZP is nice....

Have you heard from the Secret Islands?
Very Good Site
EGDP is actually a test range for VTOL aircraft like the Harrier jump jet. Also, notice the helipads surrounding it.

if you want to have fun, fly to the top of the "finger of god" (SYKM) in a stoneair stingray (or slew if you are too lazy)and full throttle down into the hole :)
Very cool site!! Does anyone now of any other sites like this?
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Best Site Good Work
does anyone know of almost impossible approaches for a 747-800 it would be really helpful cheers
nzgp airport is cool runways are on water and if yiu land on one of them u go underground
in fs9 there was an airport in laos close to the thai border buil in a huge whole. takeoffs or landings were impossible, maybe some t/o in a cessna if you were lucky. forgot the name damn it, u guys find it cuz it's worth it
cheers mate goin to try it out whats the airport code
cheers but what is the airport code
It's funny goodluck
dont worry found it flew out and landed with eurofighter airport is ace
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I found a floating airport, watered mountains, some bugs, and a very short airport in FS2000.
fly west from L25 fs have mucked up the grand canyon pretty bad
Good crew it's cool :)
Gloomy tales
Hi All,
EGDP: All above assumptions are wrong. It's not a 'Test Pad' for Harriers, or anything else. It is actually the Royal Navy Air Service base at Portland Bill. Otherwiswe known as 'HMS Osprey'. Check out:- //worldwar2airfields.fotopic.net/c1193399.html
and:- //wikipedia.org/wiki/RNAS_Portland_(HMS_Osprey)
Now used by the UK Coastguard SAR helicopters.
If you want this RNAS Airbase for Microsoft's FSX e-mail me at:- tonyvee@blueyonder.co.uk and KI will e-mail you back my BGL file for it.
Best wishes

gibraltar ab has a windsock in the taxiway next to runway 27
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hi iam typing this from my nokia e71
hi im martyn i am on a bus typing this from my nokia my friend scott says hi this website is ace
15z in Alaska-mc carthy the wind will at times keep you from fully touching donw-also very icy anywhere but runway. GOOD LUCK
AR51 runways are sparsly lighted at night....good luck there as well

Wonderfull great site
what have I got to make the download
Find the files you are looking for at download-the-movie.net the most comprehensive source for free-to-try files downloads on the Web
avsim is back up yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy
the blimp on simviation in misc is epic with animations...
I had found the finger of god veary weaird.And UFOS are Boy races- of the sky I have seen one for real and thay are more silver!.Also The ships are cool but helicopters rescue suport are not kiwis!.It dosn't realy matter just been in newzealand peha rescue (not Austrailer)that is the olny thing that Bugs me about FSX delux.I would like it if! I crash ya get a electric shock!!looking to fly the P51 D as a add on where could I get this?
avsim or simviation also check out fs freeware
YPID: Invisible runway but visible taxiways
Put a 747 at Catalina (CA, USA) RWY 03. Try and take off - you will run off the end and start to sink down the side of the hill. Can you power up enough before you hit the water??? Its fun.
Where are the fuelling areas in heathrow?
donde se ubica la pista secreta del fsx la quesale enuna mision?
Super Awesome Site!
Hello hello hello hello
thees airports are silly
hi does someone know hot to find more crazy airports and whatnot?
at VLLN, try landing it from the south.
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